MacColl Busch Sato, PC traces its roots to the 1970's as an established, boutique law firm, serving clients throughout Oregon and Washington on a wide variety of employment-related issues.  Over the decades, we have with great pride provided legal services to a broad range of employers, and their insurers and third-party administrators throughout Oregon and Washington.  We look forward to continuing our efforts to provide a high level of counseling and guidance to our clients.  Our practice areas involve all matters of Workers’ Compensation Defense, the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Labor and Employment Defense and Occupational Safety and Health Defense. 

MacColl Busch Sato, PC provides an agggressive defense to protect clients' interests while recognizing the individual differences and needs of each client.  We tailor our approach in kind to each client based on our core principles of responsibility, relationship and respect. Our attorneys have developed incomparable level of expertise in the law and the relevant players.  These unique skills assist us in negotiations and achieving the best possible outcome in all areas we practice.

In addition to serving our clients, we endeavor to participate in our greater community; Portland and its surrounding areas.  Our attorneys develop and conduct presentations to educate agents and administrators the necessary tools you and your company need to cost-effectively manage your claims.  We are committed to practice and show our dedication to social responsibility, relationship-building and respect for a better future of our community.


  •      Americans with Disabilities Act

  •      Civil & Employment Litigation Defense

  •      CLE Hours Presentation

  •      Family and Medical Leave Act

  •      Labor and Employment Defense

  •      Oregon Workers' Compensation Defense

  •      OSHA/wisha

  •      Washington Workers' Compensation Defense